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To Seek, Act on, and Spread the Truth
as Best as I Can Discern It

I suppose that’s a sort of mantra or slogan for my life, if there was to be one.

This website faces an existential crisis:

“Why do I exist….”

This website is run by me, Levi Meeuwenberg, in my spare time. It’s a collection of the many ideas, philosophies, wisdoms, poems, tools, patterns and other assorted fragments that I have found valuable or meaningful during my time as a human on the earth. As well as an attempt to find the hidden connections between them, then stitch back together a framework, or map of reality which can be used to successfully navigate through life.

While much of the work here exists in the realm of the abstract and symbolic, I’m keenly aware that good ideas don’t reach their full force and potency unless they are brought into reality through action. My more “act on” or “action” oriented experiments can be found on my Permaculture Farm blog Of course there will still be a lot of overlap because of how experiential knowledge and symbolic knowledge play off one another so well.

Naturally this space will see more activity during the winter months, when I have more time to get cozy indoors by the fireplace with a good book and notepad. During the growing season, the farm takes my spare focus and energy. 

The Types of Things You Will Find Here…

Foundational Concepts

These are concepts, ideas and notions that provide foundational bedrock upon which more complex ideas are built. Here, I explore questions like “What is truth?” “What are potential sources of truth?” and “How can we know what is true knowledge?” (Epistemology)

What is Real

These are concepts, ideas and notions that build upon the foundational bedrock with more complex ideas. Here, I explore questions like “What is the true nature of reality?” “What are we?” and “What does it mean to exist?” “What is the nature of consciousness?”(Ontology & Metaphysics)

Into the World

These are concepts, ideas and notions that expand upon my understanding of truth, knowledge, and reality into the realm of action and ethics. Here, I explore questions like “How should I live?” “What way of being is implied by my understanding of reality?” “What is the good life?”(Axiology)

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