My Music Productions

*=Complete Works

*9. Moo Song
-8:15 (~8MB) MP3-(Progressive Trance) 4-30-05: Dedicated to an Ex. Made in Cubase SX and Adobe Audition.

8. Unreal Tournament 2004 Map Song 1
-2:18 (~2MB) MP3-(Dark Classical) 3-24-04: Featuring trumpet solo at 1:58 by me. Made to go with a UT map. Created in Cool Edit Pro.

*7. Yesterday by The Beatles (Glorious Remix)
-4:01 (~4MB) MP3-(Remix/Eclectica) 12-30-03: Dedicated to an Ex. All original except vocals and guitar by Beatles. Created in Cool Edit Pro.

6. Drama Demo
-0:49 (~769KB) MP3-(Arabian) 11-23-03: Created for the play "A Comedy of Errors" at SF my senior year.

5. Song12
-1:22 (~1MB) MP3-(Symphonic) 3-24-03: Made in XGWorks Lite, and Cool Edit Pro.

*4. Synthonica
-3:45 (~3.5MB) MP3-(Symphonic electronic) 5-24-02: Inspired by Jean Michael Jarre. Made in XGWorks Lite, and Cool Edit 2000.

*3. The Grand
-3:32 (~3MB) MP3-(Techno, Melodic Trace/Dance) 4-2-02: Inspired by Praga Khan. Made completely with Fruityloops.

*2. Nighttime Thoughts
-5:03 (~5MB) MP3-(Electronic melodic) 3-31-02: Inspired by Moby. Made in XGWorks Lite, and Cool Edit 2000.

*1. Strolling
-3:12 (~3MB) MP3-(Shuffle?) 11-11-01: One of my first songs made completely with Fruityloops

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