Miscellaneous Pictures:
Andrew R. and Me
My Cabin Blue Lake 2001
Diane G.
Diane G. and Me
Far Above the Clouds (Also a cool song by Mike Oldfield)
Katrina S.
Lindsay G.
Me on the bike, and Annemarie
My House
Me Fishing on Ocean
Me on top of Rocky Mountains in Canada
Ryan A.
Satalite Pic of SF
Shiela O., Me, and Hilary T. (from left to right)
Snowy Mountains in Desert
John Hale
Corey and Wes
Andrew O.
Sarah H. and Andrew O. Homecoming
Ryan E.
Kyle M.
Angela is Crazy
Et Tu Callie!
Happy Corbin T. with Chicken
Mary Andres, Duh
Jenny B. Janelle E. Derek M. Hula Dancing
Homecoming Studs 2001
Alex Nixon at Crystal
Band Trip friends
My Senior Pic 1
My Senior Pic 2
My Senior Pic 3
Adam's Tongue
Andrew O. young
Band Senior Drum Majors
bloddy Dave G.
Corbin T.
Cute Ryan M.
Frosti in River
Full Marching Band
Jacob A. ahhh
Jacob A. in peephole
Jacob A. Rockin
Jacob C
Janelle E's Senior Pic
Josh G. taped
Josh N. Senior pic
Katie B.
Kyle M. Suit
Levi from 80s
Freaky Levi
Marching Band-SF
Me On Angies Car
Rex A.
Senior Trumpets Rule
Silly Me
Smokin Kids
Thoughtful Andrew O.
Chris V. Making Music
Me Keyboarding
Me Making Music

Acrobatics Pictures:
2001 Jiggle Jump at Crystal Mountain
Me high Backflip
Levi Gapping
Levi Snowboard Backflip
Me snowboarding behind Snowmobile
Me jumping Snowboard

Pictures From LAN's:
Article on TCFF in Record Eagle
Article on TCFF in Record Eagle pg 2
1337 Microwave
Admins and Sound System at the TCFF 2002
My AOL Mod
A cool Case Mod
Corbin T. Filming
Jacob A. Sleeping at TCFF
Jake C.'s LAN
Me at Jake's LAN
Me Watching a movie and resting at the TCFF
My Setup at the TCFF
The Full Room of the TCFF
Bossert and Ryan S. at the TCFF
Fred K. Playing at the TCFF
The Generator used at the TCFF
Jacob A. at the TCFF
Jake C. at the TCFF
Nick R. and Derek M. at the TCFF
The games commencing at the TCFF
Nick R.'s Case Mod
Ryan M. and John at the TCFF
The servers (brains) at the TCFF
The Setup at the TCFF
Fred K. at the TCFF
My computer at the TCFF
Sleepy Ryan Morse at the TCFF

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